Link Larkin is loved by almost everyone in his town because of his personality. He loves to make people happy and suffer depending on how they treat him. He hates becoming frustrated and will try to avoid it at times cause when he is frustrated he will snap at a person but he doesn't do it intentionally.

You can try and get an attitude with him unless you want a punch to the face or your feelings broken. Link wants to be liked by everyone, he doesn't like confrontation but, he will not hesitate to give a nasty attitude back to someone who is rude to him.

Link is a big flirt especially around women, he will flirt his pants off but knows when not to flirt period. Don't even think about getting him upset, he won't snap in a instant but he will get his revenge in whatever way possible.

Overall, Link just wants to make people happy in whichever way he can and would like it to be returned to him in a positive way.

Personality and Traits